Required Educational Experience

In Nova Scotia, the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) is offered exclusively through the CPA Atlantic School of Business. To be eligible for the CPA PEP applicants must hold a recognized Canadian undergraduate degree or equivalent in any discipline along with the necessary specific subject area coverage. If your degree does not include the necessary subject area coverage, you may complete equivalent coursework through the CPA Preparatory Courses.

Required Subject Area Coverage

Specific courses will vary by educational institution but candidates will be required to have specific subject area coverage of:
Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
Business Law
Information Systems
Strategic Management
A full chart outlining the prerequisite equivalencies at Atlantic Canadian universities is available here.

CPA Preparatory Courses

CPA Preparatory Courses are nationally developed courses designed for individuals who have an undergraduate degree but lack some or all of the prerequisites required for admission to CPA PEP.

 Designed to offer maximum flexibility and accessibility, CPA Preparatory Courses are offered on a part-time basis which combine self-study and online learning in a virtual classroom. Students complete only those courses they require. If you are eligible, you can register for the next available course you require, but please note that some courses have prerequisites which must be completed first.