Required Professional Experience

To ensure CPA candidates meet a set of defined competencies that aim to provide the knowledge and professionalism required to be successful in the workplace 30 months of practical experience are required to be completed prior to graduation.

Your 30 months of required practical experience can be taken prior to, during, and up to seven years after your CPA PEP studies. Once you've decided to begin tracking your practical experience, you may choose to complete your term via one of the following routes: The Pre-approved Program Route (PPR) and the Experience Verification Route (EVR).


  • Choose from CPA Atlantic's list of participating PPR organizations and companies, which include public accounting firms, government employers and corporate businesses.
  • Your employer will assign you a mentor, a program supervisor(s) and support throughout your 30 months of practical experience.
  • Once you've registered with CPA Atlantic, you will gain access to the Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT). You will be required to regularly submit reports and self-assessment throughout you practical experience term.
  • You will receive a mandatory CPA PEP Admission Check 18 months into your practical experience term and receive a final assessment at 30 months just prior to completing the program and receiving your CPA designation.


  • Choose any relevant employment position that provides experience in at least one competency area.
  • Have your position assessed and approved by CPA Atlantic School of Business.
  • Find a mentor of your choosing. They may be anyone who is a CPA in good standing within Canada and Bermuda. Note you must have a mentor before beginning to track your practical experience term.
  • With the consent of your employer and the appropriate supervision, you may begin tracking your practical experience.
  • You will participate in mandatory assessments 12-months and 30-months into your term to determine your progress. Should your chosen employment be deemed "high-risk" you may also be asked to participate in an assessment 3-months into your practical experience term. You will also receive an Admission check at 18-months to ensure you have registered for CPA PEP.