What CPAs Do

CPAs play key roles in a variety of segments of the economy. These include, but are not limited to, industry, public accounting, government, education and the not-for-profit sector. They offer a strong set of accounting and managerial skills required to navigate a complex and ever-changing business environment. CPAs are professionals who possess a broad range of knowledge. They undertake appropriate analysis, exercise good judgment, communicate effectively and act to protect the public interest.

These professional accountants are in high demand due to their extensive training and expertise that contribute to improved efficiency and growth in the businesses and organizations they serve.

Benefits of Becoming a CPA

With more than 200,000 members in Canada alone, CPAs belong to one of the largest accounting designations in the world, allowing you the opportunity to cultivate a wide range of professional connections and relationships throughout your career. As a CPA, you will be a member of a society that fosters constant learning and professional growth. CPA hosts conferences, workshops and other professional events that bring everyone together in a fun and relaxed environment. Becoming a CPA means joining a respected profession. Your in-demand skills will make you an asset to any organization.

 Is a Career as a CPA Right for You?

 Would you like to:

  • Begin your journey to a rewarding career in business?
  • Join an elite group of strategic and financial decision-makers?
  • Be part of a respected community?
  • Take advantage of exciting global opportunities?
  • Be in demand across all sectors?

 If so, CPA Nova Scotia is the place to get started!