Building Futures Employment Society (FUTURES) needs a CPA to be our volunteer Treasurer.

FUTURES offers work and work related services and supports to people with intellectual disabilities in the Sackville, Bedford, Fall River and surrounding areas.  We also offer a friendship building and community participation program at The Club.  We operate 4 social enterprises to provide training opportunities and to generate revenue for our programs.

Treasurer Position Description

General Scope

            The Treasurer of Building Futures Employment Society manages the Board’s review of and action related to the Board’s financial responsibilities.


            The Treasurer is accountable to the Board of Directors


1.        Duties are delegated to staff, responsibility remains with the board position.

2.        Ensures effective financial policies are in place and the acceptable financial procedures are implemented.

3.        Ensures appropriate financial planning and reporting take place including annual budget presented for Board approval and regular financial statements presented to the Board for review.

4.        Is prepared to speak to Board on key financial events, trends, concerns and assessment of fiscal health.

5.        Supports Executive Director in financial management of organization.

6.        Recommends to Board whether an audit is required.  Selects and works with Auditor.

7.        Ensures sound management and maximization of cash and investments.


Annual commitment of 9 Monthly meetings, review of financial information as required, participation in special events from time to time. 

Application to serve as a board member    FB: BuildingfuturesBFES