CPA Nova Scotia Professional Development Program

CPA Nova Scotia Professional Development Program features a number of informative, relevant and affordable options for you to grow and develop as a professional.  

This program includes offerings of half, full and two-day courses developed by the interprovincial Professional Learning and Development Programs Committee (PLDPC), entrepreneurial courses, as well as a selection of live broadcast courses and live webinars.  There are also many other offerings available through this program. 

CPA Nova Scotia's Personal and Corporate Passports  is a cost-effective program for members to complete their professional development requirements. (See Registration & Conditions for full program details) 

Search all PD Courses or view the PD catalogue.  

If you need assistance or have any questions regarding these processes, please contact either: 
Kathie Slaunwhite at 425-7273 ext. 223 or kslaunwhite@cpans
Juanita Onochie at 425-7273 ext. 236 or jonochie@cpans
Cindy Mombourquette at 425-7273 ext. 221 or 

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