Verifiable vs. Unverifiable Hours

Verifiable CPD Hours

Verifiable CPD refers to learning activities that can be verified objectively. Examples of Verifiable CPD hours are:

  •   Volunteer and community leadership contributing to professional competency;
  • Participation in professional courses, conferences, and seminar;
  • Self-directed learning to prepare for an exam without a structured study program, and passing the exam;
  • On-the-job training; major change in job responsibilities, major involvement in special projects, significant learning of new software, systems, and procedures;
  • Developing or delivering a course or CPD session, whenever there is a new or refreshed learning experience;
  •  Formal study of courses leading to a degree, certificate, or diploma;
  • Participation as a speaker in conferences, briefing sessions, or discussion groups;
  • Writing articles, papers, or books of a technical, professional, or academic nature;
  •  Professional re-examination or formal testing; or 
  • Providing or receiving professional development support as a facilitator, mentor, or coach.

Unverifiable CPD Hours

Unverifiable CPD refers to learning activities that cannot be verified objectively. Examples of Unverifiable CPD hours are:

  • Technical reading, self-study of published materials, self-study courses; or
  • Research, including reading professional literature or journals, for application in the professional accountant's role.