Practice Inspection

With the unification of the accounting profession in Nova Scotia you are probably wondering how professional standards review/practice review will be structured under CPA Nova Scotia and how it will impact you. The program will be referred to as the Practice Inspection Program and any references to inspection or practice inspection should be taken to mean professional standards review/practice review under legacy programs.

The CPA National Regulatory Steering Committee (NRSC), through its Practice Inspection Working Group, reviewed international standards for practice inspection as well as best practices across the country for all three legacy professions. This group had recommended the adoption of harmonized standards across the country that are closely aligned to the harmonized approach adopted by the CA profession. CPA Nova Scotia has accepted the recommendations of the NRSC and adopted this harmonized approach. 

The practice inspectors will consist of the Director of Professional Standards and contract CPAs who will be assigned to perform inspections based on their competencies and the specific engagements performed by your firm. Practice inspection reports will be assessed by the Practice Inspection Committee on an anonymous basis, meaning they will not include the member or firm name.

Further information regarding the Practice Inspection Program will be available online and information sessions will be presented in the fall for any members wanting more information on the process.  Please watch your emails and refer back to our website for updates.

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the Practice Inspection Program, please contact Wenda Bennett, CPA, CA, Director, Professional Standards at or 902-425-7273 ext. 226.