What are YOU Doing With Your CPA?

As a CPA, your integrity, professionalism, and attention to detail allow you to provide services to your clients that are of the highest quality. You might be a partner in a public accounting firm, or the comptroller at a manufacturing plant, or a trusted financial advisor in your community. No matter what you are doing with your CPA, you have much in common with your fellow Chartered Professional Accountants. You all speak the language of business, and you all are committed to helping your clients make the informed decisions that foster their success. 

At CPA Nova Scotia, our aim is to work with you to uphold the high standards and integrity of the profession, to provide clear and comprehensive principles that protect CPAs and clients, and to further and promote the interests of CPAs, both at home and further afield. As a CPA NS member, we are pleased to work with you to offer you support, guidance, and opportunities. 

Great Changes are Ahead!

With the Chartered Professional Accountants Act, the range of accounting professions has now been unified under the Chartered Professional Accountants categorization. 

This change not only allows for greater strength in numbers, but also allows members to freely share their experience, knowledge, and networking opportunities. As well, unification helps to broaden the public’s view of the accounting profession, recognizing the wide range of vital business functions that CPAs perform. No matter what conversations we are having, all CPAs speak the language of business. And now, together, our voices will be stronger than ever before.