Public Accounting Certification Process

CPA Nova Scotia is responsible for certifying members seeking to offer public accounting services until September 1, 2019.  There are two categories of certificates Audit Certificate and Review Certificate.

When is licensing required? 

Effective September 1, 2019, CPA Nova Scotia will become responsible for issuing licences and certification will cease.  Any member issuing or signing an audit report, a review engagement report, or performing specified auditing procedure engagements will be required to carry a public accounting licence.  This does not apply to all members in the practice of public accounting; it applies to individual members who are responsible for the issuance of audit reports, review engagements or other assurance reports. Typically, this would be the engagement partner.  Please note that a licence is not required to issue a Compilation Engagement (Notice to Reader financial statements). 

Members and firms that perform compilation engagements, accounting services and tax advisory services for clients, are deemed to be practicing CPAs under the definition of regulated services.  However, members and firms providing these services must be registered with CPA Nova Scotia and will still be subject to practice inspection, disciplinary action and professional liability insurance coverage.