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About East Coast Environmental Law

The East Coast Environmental Law Association is a registered Canadian charity that operates throughout Atlantic Canada. Our vision and mission reflect our desire for a future where the just application of innovative and effective environmental laws provide Atlantic Canadians with a clean, healthy environment.

At East Coast Environmental Law we focus our work in three key areas: public education, collaboration and legal action. Our staff, students and volunteers work together to:
  • Host workshops, create publications and provide presentations on the legal aspects of environmental issues ranging from endangered species, to climate change to contaminated water;
  • Respond to inquiries from the public about environmental law matters;
  • Mentor law students on the role and value of law in the public interest;
  • Publish open-access reports and summaries of environmental cases; and
  • Collaborate with government, law firms, educational institutions and non-government organizations to enhance our understanding and make environmental law more effective.
East Coast Environmental Law is a growing non-profit where staff and board members work closely to meet and exceed our goals.

2017 Budget Approximately $140,000

Principal sources of funds:
Foundations, Government and Private Donations

Fiscal Year:
January 1 – December 31

About the Treasurer Position
Activities of the Treasurer include:
  • Active member of the Board of Directors;
  • Active member of Executive Committee (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Executive Director).
  • Manage the financial reporting processes of the organization (includes bookkeeping, overseeing the payroll process, and managing CRA remittances);
  • Advise Board on financial management of the organization;
  • Prepare annual budget with input provided by the Executive Director;
  • Prepare financial reports for the Board for each Board meeting;
  • Contribute when able to the work of Board committees;
  • Prepare and present annual financial statements;
  • Prepare and submit annual returns to the CRA;
  • Advise Board on investments and banking;
  • Advise Board on financial strategy.
Anticipated Treasurer Time Commitments Per Month:
  • Executive Committee meetings – 0.5 hour;
  • Board meetings – 1 hour;
  • Oversee financial records prepared by Office Manager - 1 hour;
  • Quarterly bookkeeping - 1 hour;
  • Other advice – 1.5 hours (emails, input on fundraising applications), annual budget, CRA filings, etc.).
Monthly average ~5 hours.
Annual average ~ 60 hours.

If you are interested in joining this growing organization and dynamic board of directors working together to address some of the most impactful issues of our time please contact us at admin@ecelaw.ca.