Provincial Treasurer, Provincial Council

Established August 19, 2016

To be a catalyst for girls empowering girls

To oversee, manage, and monitor the financial affairs, including all budgeting and policy compliance of GGC monies, investments, and assets of the Provincial Council.

Provincial Council

•    Is a member of the Provincial Council and, where applicable, the Provincial Executive Committee;
•    Ensures the safe custody of the funds of the Provincial Council and is a signing officer for the Provincial Council;
•    May be Chair of the Provincial Finance & Audit Committee;
•    As Chair, Provincial Finance & Audit Committee:
•    Oversees the preparation of the annual budget and presents the annual budget for approval to the Provincial Council;
•    Ensures that the budget approved by Provincial Council is ready for presentation to National, as required, and thereafter responds to requests for clarification and additional information as may be required by the Provincial Budgets Sub-Committee of the National Audit & Finance Committee;
•    Reviews monthly financial statements including comparison of budget to actual and investigates any significant discrepancies;
•    Presents a financial report to all Provincial Council meetings;
•    Oversees the review of provincial accounting procedures and practices;
•    Reviews areas of financial risk for the Provincial Council and, in consultation with the Provincial Risk and Compliance Adviser, assesses and implements mitigating processes;
•    Recruits, where appropriate, orients, and mentors members of the Finance & Audit Committee;
•    Fosters a cooperative, collaborative, and supportive environment with committee members;
•    Ensures that the committee meets on a regular basis and a record of all meetings is maintained; and,
•    Establishes and maintains a strong, collaborative relationship with the Girl Engagement Co-ordinator and the Member Services Co-ordinator.
•    Maintains current knowledge of GGC, its Strategic Plan, and all financial policies, procedures, and protocols for GGC;
•    Oversees the timely preparation of all financial records for use by the external auditors;

•    Reviews the audited financial statements and management letter with the external auditors andpresents the annual audited financial statements to the provincial Annual General Meeting;
•    Ensures insurance renewal documents are reviewed annually before renewal;
•    Ensures all statutory filings have been completed;
•    Regularly reviews internal control processes and advises adjustment where necessary;
•    In conjunction with the Risk and Compliance Adviser:
•    Ensures that the Provincial compliance documents are prepared within the established timelines for submission to National; and,
•    Reviews the annual compliance documents of Area Councils and provides feedback to the Provincial Commissioner/Council.
•    As necessary, provides support and mentorship to all Area, District, and Unit Treasurers;
•    Collaborates with the Training Adviser to provide financial training, as required;
•    Provides consultation and advice to the Provincial Commissioner when matters of financial mismanagement are identified;
•    Ensures descriptive and timely messaging to appropriate persons within the jurisdiction of the Provincial Council of any and all changes, including additions and deletions, to national and provincial financial standards and protocols;
•    Identifies any personal learning needs that will enhance her performance as Treasurer and/or Chair, Provincial Finance & Audit Committee; and,
•    As a member of the Provincial Treasurers Committee of the National Audit & Finance Committee, the Provincial Treasurer provides consultation on financial matters impacting the operations of the Provincial Councils of GGC and carries out the responsibilities of a member of the Provincial Treasurers Committee.

•    Professional financial credentials 
•    Experience as a treasurer or equivalent with a corporate or not for profit organization;
•    Experience in critically analyzing financial risk and/or mismanagement and applying financial risk mitigation processes is an asset;
•    A commitment to GGC;
•    Ability to work with a team and independently, including ability to chair meetings;
•    Ability to exercise critical, analytical, and decision focused skills; and,
•    Good writing, communication, listening, and interpersonal skills with ability to communicate effectively via various media sources.

Elected by the Provincial Council and is re-elected or re-appointed annually to a maximum of five (5) consecutive years.

If interested please contact Miriam MacDonald at