Twelve Canada is a new small registered charitable organization with an innovative and distinct approach to creating social impact. 

Launched in 2017 by two young adult leaders and one elder of community development, our group believes that lasting social change embraces principles of participatory community leadership. 

We partner with promising early-stage community initiatives to develop the best methods for engaging communities and facilitating participatory change.

We are looking for the right individual for a one or two year volunteer treasurer position on our Board of Directors. There are two years of audited financial statements completed, and a Notice To Reader for this past year. The Treasurer will provide financial oversight and guidance to the Board of Directors. With no staff and a small budget at this time, the time commitment  for the oversight is flexible and meetings are kept to a minimum. However, the Treasurer will also be involved in the consideration of social finance model and partnership for an exciting new community venture that will be unique in Canada. We are seeking a collaborative individual that would enjoy the opportunity to co-create with a group of experienced and passionate community leaders.


Adam Fearnall, Chairperson,


Marc Langlois, Director,