CPA Canada's Awards of Excellence in Corporate Reporting are open for entries until June 30. 

This year's entrants have even more opportunities to shine. CPA Canada is expanding the winners' circle to more accurately reflect the high quality reporting that is produced in Canada. 

Silver and gold awards will be presented to all entrants who meet set benchmarks for excellence. Entrants who demonstrate outstanding performance in all judging categories are eligible for the crowning achievement, the platinum award! That means multiple winners in each of the new categories. In addition, Awards of Excellence will be presented to entrants to win top spot in each judging category. 

Valuable feedback for CFOs and investor relations professionals 

Listed companies are judged in financial reporting, sustainability reporting, corporate governance disclosure and electronic reporting. Crown organizations are judged in financial reporting. All entrants receive CPA Canada's coveted confidential assessment that provides useful feedback from the independent panel of judges. 

Canadian listed companies and Crown organizations are eligible to enter. 

For more information or to enter before June 30, click here