HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development is a non-profit, registered charity that has been serving the province of Nova Scotia since 1988.

We believe that young people possess the passion, skills and insight to be powerful community leaders. We work directly with youth, adults, youth-serving organizations and broader systems to build better communities through youth engagement and leadership.

 Our Board of Directors is comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers that work to help us fulfill our mission and vision as well as strategic objectives the effective stewardship of financial and human resources.


The Board Treasurer is responsible for acting in the best long-term interests of the organization and its community, and will bring to the task, informed decision-making, a financial background and expertise and an inclusive perspective.

Treasurer Duties

The main duty of the Treasurer is to oversee the financial activities of the organization. You will be asked to attend monthly Board Meetings and Executive Meetings. You will work closely with the Executive Director and Bookkeeper to interpret and present income statements, balance sheets, cash flows and financial projects to the rest of the board on a quarterly and yearly basis. The Treasurer will also participate as required in our annual audit which is carried out at year-end by an external firm.  The Treasurer is also responsible to ensure that policies and procedures related to finances are reviewed and developed on a regular basis.

 Treasurer Competency Considerations

  • Business or Professional experience in accounting or financial management.
  • Organization and timeliness
  • A keen interest in increasing youth engagement in the community
  • Knowledge of the community
  •  Commitment to the organization’s vision, mission and strategic directions
  • Ability to make a commitment of time and energy
  • Openness to learning

Time commitment

Eight hours per month (monthly board meeting, monthly executive meeting, preparation, consultation) plus committee/working group work.

Committee/working group work is on a volunteer basis and may vary between 3 and 10 hours per month depending on the needs of the organization.


Two years, appointed or elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.  Option to renew at end of term. 

For more information please contact Sarah Coley (sarah_coley@hotmail.com ) or Laura Swaine (laura@heartwood.ns.ca).