Time for Change!

Great changes are ahead for the accounting profession, with the unification of the range of accounting professions under the Chartered Professional Accountant banner. 

This change builds on the combined strengths, interests, and needs of all accounting professionals, allowing for greater influence and greater networking, both at home and beyond our borders. It also recognizes the wide variety of ways in which CPAs serve their clients, offering an opportunity for expanded professional development and greater relevance and visibility. As well, it offers greater confidence to the public, with a cohesive and consistent regulatory process and code of conduct. 

No matter how you use your CPA, new opportunities await! 

But in the meantime...what do these changes mean for you? 

Registering Your Firm

Any CPAs or groups of CPAs who provide public accounting or regulated services must register as a firm with CPA Nova Scotia. 

If you have already been registered with your legacy body at the time of proclamation, you're included in the CPA Nova Scotia registry. You will need to change your firm's name by September 30, 2017 if it contains your legacy designation. If your legacy body did not require registration, then you must be registered no later than December 31, 2016.  

"How do I register?"

There are three steps to registration: 
1. Apply for registration, using the Firm Registration form. This will cover the firm registration process and the firm name approval process. 
2. Pay a fee.
3. Provide evidence of professional liability insurance. 

For more information on firm registration, be sure to review our Firm Registration  page.
Your Firms's Name

If you are a firm registering for the first time, or if you are changing your firm's name due to the new designation, your legal registered firm name must be approved by CPANS. If you have an operating practice name in addition to your legally registered firm name, that must be approved and registered as well. 

If you are changing your firm's name, due to the new designation, the deadline to do so is September 30, 2017

To aid you in this process, CPA Nova Scotia has developed a clear and comprehensive firm naming policy. In addition to the guidelines regarding designation, the name cannot be misleading, self-laudatory, or damaging to the professional image of the CPA brand. 

Dates to Remember

September 30, 2016:

Confirmation of professional liability insurance for firms is due. 

December 31, 2016:
Deadline for registration with CPA Nova Scotia by any firms performing public accounting or regulated services, who were not already registered via their legacy body.

September 15, 2017:
For public accounting firms, members must renew their Public Accounting Certification. The initial certification expires October 31, 2017.

September 30, 2017:
Deadline for Firm Name Designation, including name change on stationery, signage, websites, and other promotional material. 
Due date for Registered Firm renewal and annual firm dues.


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