The CPA Nova Scotia Bylaws were established to provide clear and comprehensive governance to all CPA Nova Scotia members, upholding the professional standards we all share. 

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The CPA Nova Scotia Board approved the Bylaws governing the CPA profession in Nova Scotia. The framework for the Bylaws is set out in the Chartered Professional Accountants Act, an excerpt of which is shown here: 

Chartered Professional Accountants Act, Section 5: 

In order to serve and protect the public interest in the practice of chartered professional accounting, CPA Nova Scotia shall
(a) preserve the integrity of the accounting profession;
(b) maintain public confidence in the ability of the accounting profession to regulate itself;
(c) govern and regulate the practice of the profession and govern and regulate registrants and registered firms in accordance with this Act and the by-laws, including
     (i) establishing, maintaining, developing and enforcing
                   (A) standards of qualification for registration and continuation of registration,
                   (B) standards of practice, and
                   (C) standards of professional ethics, knowledge, skill and proficiency,
    (ii) regulating the provision of regulated services,
    (iii) certifying members to engage in the practice of public accounting,
    (iv) regulating the practice, competence and professional conduct of registrants and registered firms, and
    (v) regulating the use of protected designations in accordance with this Act and the by-laws;