Q. Can I start the application process while I’m living abroad?
Yes, individuals can start the application process before they arrive in Canada. Individual must apply to the Canadian province where they intend to reside.

Q. Can I take the CPA Professional Education Program while I’m living abroad?

While program courses are offered in multiple formats to provide flexibility, module exams and the Common Final Exam (CFE) for the CPA designation must be attended and written in person at a CPA Testing Centre in Canada.

Q. I have international education, how do I get the Canadian Third Party Degree Assessment Report to apply to your programs?
Please view the recognized 
Canadian third party degree assessment companies that are accepted by CPA. We recommend World Education Services (WES) for degree assessments.

Q.  Who should I ask if I need help with Canadian immigration matters?
Find out if your Representative is authorized and licensed to represent immigrants and to give advice on Canadian immigration matters pertaining to visas, permits, and permanent residency. Refer to the 
Government of Canada webpage here to learn what they do and how they can help.

Q. Do you need proof of English language level, like TOEFL to apply to your programs?
No, we do not require proof of English language level for acceptance into our programs. However to be successful in the program courses we recommend students to have a (
Canadian Language Benchmark of EnglishCLB 8 for CPA Professional Education Program. English language level requirement for the ACAF program are determined by the accredited post-secondary institutions offering the program.

Q. What are the language requirements for my documents?
All documents must be in English.   You are responsible for having your documents officially translated, if necessary, by a certified translator.