How do I Become a CPA? 

CPA Candidates from the CPA Atlantic School of Business

For CPA candidates who have completed the educational, examination, and practical experience requirements for the CPA certification program or a legacy program; the below list outlines the final steps to membership: 
  1. Once you have completed the Common Final Examination (CFE), or a legacy program, and you have submitted your final Practical Experience Report with the CPA Atlantic School of Business, using the PERT tool, the CPA ASB will review your file. 
  2. The CPA ASB will confirm that you have qualified for membership with CPA Nova Scotia. You will receive a personalized email with application instructions from CPA Nova Scotia. 
  3. Follow the instructions provided, submit your completed form and pay the required fees. 
  4. Upon completion of step 3, the Registration Committee will receive your application for its consideration. 
  5. If your application is approved, you will receive a congratulatory email from the Registrar welcoming you to membership. At this point, you are permitted to use the CPA designation, and your name will be added to the membership register. 

Within six to eight week you will receive your official membership certificate.

Access to Records Request Policy
CPA Nova Scotia will provide an individual applying for membership ("an applicant") with access to records held by CPA Nova Scotia that are related to the individual's application.  Click here to see the policy.

Accommodation Policy