How do I become a CPA?

International Accountants Credential Recognition

CPA Nova Scotia assesses international credentials and provides streamlined programs to help internationally trained accountants become Canadian CPAs.

Streamlined bridging programs have been developed by CPA Canada to help you meet any additional qualifications efficiently, and depend on your qualifying pathway.

There are education programs that have been developed specifically to help you close any educational or experiential gaps so that you can contribute your full potential as soon as possible.

The pathways to obtain your Canadian CPA credentials through CPA Nova Scotia depend on what international accounting body you obtained your designation and experience requirements.  Please view the “International Designated Accountant Membership Process” chart to see which pathway is suitable for you. Click here to find your specific accounting body and the related packages detailing the specific requirements.

Upon receipt of a complete application package form and depending on the educational or experiential gaps, CPA Nova Scotia staff will process the applications and present to the Registration Committee for consideration.

The Registration Committee may approve, reject or approve subject to conditions and restrictions each application for registration.  All applicants will be notified of a decision.

In circumstances where the Registration Committee rejects an application or approves it subject to conditions, it will advise each applicant of its decision with reason. All rejected applications may be appealed to the Registration Appeals Committee.

Please note that the above pathways generally lead to membership only. To obtain a Public Accounting License, which would be required to issue financial statements or reports as an engagement partner for services defined under the Chartered Professional Accountants Act (Nova Scotia) will require a separate licence. Refer to the Public Accounting Licensing Requirements.