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CC - CPA Crossings (live, on-line), KE – K2E (live, on-line), LB – Technical (live, on-line)
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CPA Nova Scotia Events

TitleEvent CodeBegin DateSpots Left
Mastering Your Ethical IntelligenceEF212200314/1/2021Not ApplicableEF21220031
Principles of Ethical LeadershipEF212200614/1/2021Not ApplicableEF21220061
Ethics ConversationsPR212200414/1/2021Not ApplicablePR21220041
Ethics- Lies, Alternative Facts, & Professional SkepticismPR212200514/1/2021Not ApplicablePR21220051
Conflicts of Interest UnpackedPR212201014/1/2021Not ApplicablePR21220101
CPA Professional Code of Conduct - E-LearningUQ212200014/1/2021Not ApplicableUQ21220001
Preventing Unethical Behaviour in the Workplace - E-LearningUQ212200114/1/2021Not ApplicableUQ21220011
Dealing with Unethical Behaviour in the Workplace-E-LearningUQ212200214/1/2021Not ApplicableUQ21220021
Canadian Business Ethics - E-LearningUQ212201914/1/2021Not ApplicableUQ21220191
Principles of Ethical Leadership (Virtual)PD212210312/7/202228PD21221031
Ethics and Technology (Virtual)PD212210812/22/202218PD21221081
Ethics-based Leadership for CPAs (Virtual)PD212211713/22/202212PD21221171