PD – In-person or Virtual course
CC - CPA Crossings (live, on-line), KE – K2E (live, on-line), LB – Technical (live, on-line)
DL – Technical (on-demand), EF  – Executive Finance (on-demand), EL - CFI (on-demand), FU  – FLiP University (on-demand), PR – ProDio (on-demand) UQ – UltimQuest (on-demand)

CPA Nova Scotia Events

TitleEvent CodeBegin DateSpots Left
TGIF - Transform, Grow & Innovate in FinanceEF212200514/1/2021Not ApplicableEF21220051
Presentation Skills for Accounting & Finance ProfessionalsEF212200214/1/2021Not ApplicableEF21220021
Office 365 OneDrive App - Managing and Storing Your FilesCC212200041/20/2022Not ApplicableCC21220004
Cash Conversion Cycle: Tools and TechniquesCC212200251/21/2022Not ApplicableCC21220025
Artificial Intelligence for AccountantsCC212200552/3/2022Not ApplicableCC21220055
Mastering Advanced Excel FunctionsKE212200252/8/2022Not ApplicableKE21220025
Office 365 SharePoint FundamentalsCC212200152/8/2022Not ApplicableCC21220015
Top PDF Features You Should KnowKE212203332/9/2022Not ApplicableKE21220333
Guide to Cyber Security PlanningCC212200762/14/2022Not ApplicableCC21220076
Mastering Advanced Excel Functions (Virtual)PD212210612/15/20224PD21221061
Microsoft TeamsKE212200442/15/2022Not ApplicableKE21220044
Best Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint FeaturesKE212202822/17/2022Not ApplicableKE21220282
Microsoft Teams (Virtual)PD212210912/23/20228PD21221091
Excel Charting and VisualizationsKE212203032/24/2022Not ApplicableKE21220303
Bringing AI to Accounting (Virtual)PD212211513/8/20226PD21221151
Automation Survival Guide for AccountantsCC212200653/10/2022Not ApplicableCC21220065
Guide to Cyber Security PlanningCC212200773/23/2022Not ApplicableCC21220077
Cash Conversion Cycle: Tools and TechniquesCC212200263/24/2022Not ApplicableCC21220026
Office 365 OneDrive App - Managing and Storing Your FilesCC212200053/24/2022Not ApplicableCC21220005