PD – In-person or Virtual course
CC - CPA Crossings (live, on-line), KE – K2E (live, on-line), LB – Technical (live, on-line)
DL – Technical (on-demand), EF  – Executive Finance (on-demand), EL - CFI (on-demand), FU  – FLiP University (on-demand), PR – ProDio (on-demand) UQ – UltimQuest (on-demand)

CPA Nova Scotia Events

TitleEvent CodeBegin DateSpots Left
Introduction to Internal Controls - E-LearningUQ212200414/1/2021Not ApplicableUQ21220041
Introduction to Capital Budgeting - E-LearningUQ212200514/1/2021Not ApplicableUQ21220051
Enterprise Risk Management - E-LearningUQ212200614/1/2021Not ApplicableUQ21220061
Fraud Prevention - E-LearningUQ212200714/1/2021Not ApplicableUQ21220071
Preparing a Business Plan - E-LearningUQ212200814/1/2021Not ApplicableUQ21220081
Preparing an Operating Budget - E-LearningUQ212200914/1/2021Not ApplicableUQ21220091
Internal Controls in Smaller Entities - E-LearningUQ212201414/1/2021Not ApplicableUQ21220141