In-person or Virtual course:  PD
Online, Live:  CC - CPA Crossings, LB – Technical
On-Demand:  DL – Technical, EF  – Executive Finance, EL - CFI, FU  – FLiP University, KE – K2E, PR – ProDio, SS - ED4S, UQ – UltimQuest

CPA Nova Scotia Events

TitleEvent CodeBegin DateSpots Left
Fraud in the WorkplaceEF222300514/1/2022Not ApplicableEF22230051
ERP - What Every CFO Should Know About Implementing a New EREF222301514/1/2022Not ApplicableEF22230151
Change Management: Being A Catalyst CFOEF222301614/1/2022Not ApplicableEF22230161
The Credible CFO: Driving Growth & Delivering PredictabilityEF222301814/1/2022Not ApplicableEF22230181
Strategic CFO Leadership Program BundleEF222302414/1/2022Not ApplicableEF22230241
Improving Governance in the NFP SectorUQ222301314/1/2022Not ApplicableUQ22230131
Improving Governance in Smaller NFP EntitiesUQ222301414/1/2022Not ApplicableUQ22230141
Strategic Planning for ProfessionalsPD222312512/8/20233PD22231251