In-person or Virtual course:  PD
Online, Live:  CC - CPA Crossings, LB – Technical
On-Demand:  DL – Technical, EF  – Executive Finance, EL - CFI, FU  – FLiP University, KE – K2E, PR – ProDio, SS - ED4S, UQ – UltimQuest

CPA Nova Scotia Events

TitleEvent CodeBegin DateSpots Left
Impact InvestingSS222300014/1/2022Not ApplicableSS22230001
ESG & Sustainable Investing 101SS222300114/1/2022Not ApplicableSS22230011
How to Build an Investment Portfolio-Parts 1 and 2PD2223112110/19/202214PD22231121
How to Prepare a Personal Financial Plan-Parts 1 and 2PD2223111112/7/202211PD22231111