In-person or Virtual course:  PD
Online, Live:  CC - CPA CrossingsLB – Technical
On-Demand:  DL – Technical, EF  – Executive Finance, EL - CFI, FU  – FLiP University, KE – K2E, PR – ProDio, SS - ED4S, UQ – UltimQuest

CPA Nova Scotia Events

TitleEvent CodeBegin DateSpots Left
Solidify Your Success: Powerful Personal BrandingCC222300816/30/2022Not ApplicableCC22230081
Are You the Leader You Think You Are?CC222300617/15/2022Not ApplicableCC22230061
A/R and A/P: Effective Management TechniquesCC222300427/26/2022Not ApplicableCC22230042
Communicating Financial Information to Non-AccountantsCC222300027/26/2022Not ApplicableCC22230002
Working Smarter: Power Up your ProductivityCC222300917/26/2022Not ApplicableCC22230091
Getting the Best Out of Your Team with Project ManagementCC222301618/8/2022Not ApplicableCC22230161
Networking that Works for Long-Term SuccessCC222300718/17/2022Not ApplicableCC22230071
Project Management: Best Practices, Principles, MindsetCC222301518/19/2022Not ApplicableCC22230151
CFO Series-Cash Management: Strategies for Long Term SuccessCC222301218/19/2022Not ApplicableCC22230121
Onboarding: Apply Project Management TechniquesCC222301718/22/2022Not ApplicableCC22230171
Aligning Budgets to Strategy: The Key to Long-Term ProfitCC222300328/23/2022Not ApplicableCC22230032
Fixing Your Chart of AccountsCC222300228/25/2022Not ApplicableCC22230022
A/R and A/P: Effective Management TechniquesCC222300439/8/2022Not ApplicableCC22230043
CFO Series-Cash Management: Day to Day Best PracticesCC222301019/9/2022Not ApplicableCC22230101
Networking that Works for Long-Term SuccessCC222300729/19/2022Not ApplicableCC22230072
CFO Series-Profit Improvement:10 Tips for Better Bottom LineCC222301319/23/2022Not ApplicableCC22230131
Communicating Financial Information to Non-AccountantsCC222300039/29/2022Not ApplicableCC22230003
The Accountability Advantage: Empowering PerformanceCC2223005210/6/2022Not ApplicableCC22230052
CFO Series-360 Budgeting: Building Flexible Budget ModelsCC2223014111/18/2022Not ApplicableCC22230141
CFO Series-Cost & Pricing Models: Creating an Effective ToolCC2223011111/28/2022Not ApplicableCC22230111