Welcome to our CPD Advantage program!

The CPD Advantage program runs approximately six weeks before each of the Spring and Fall/Winter sessions begin. Members can purchase an unlimited number of courses during these discount sales periods using a promotional code at cart checkout. Purchases made outside these discount sales periods can be purchased at the full course price.

Check out our  CPD Calendars or visit our Courses & Events page to see what opportunities are available. Members must register online and organizations wanting to register their staff as a group can use this form. Please consult our Registration Tutorial to ensure you are successful in registering for courses. 

We are pleased to continue providing quality content and multi-faceted delivery methods for your lifelong learning goalsWe hope you will find this new program to your advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Passport program not continuing?  

Our new program is designed to streamline the registration process and improve the user experience when purchasing courses. CPD Advantage will allow more members to utilize the savings, without restricting them to a finite number of courses. Everyone will have access to an unlimited number of courses at a discounted rate. Under this new program, we will also be able to offer more variety in instructors and course content. 


What is the discount and when can I use it? 

Twice a year, our courses will be available at a 50% discounted rate using an online promotional code provided by CPA Nova Scotia. This code can be used for all courses you purchase during the discount sales period, without limit. These discount sales periods will occur during the same time frames as the historical Passport sales periods: six weeks in early spring and six weeks in late summer. We will notify members with the code at the beginning of both the Spring and Fall/Winter sessions. The code will also be posted on the Courses & Events page on our website during each of the six-week periods. 


How do I use the discount code? 

You will register for the course as normal and enter the discount code during cart checkout. 


Do I have to attend the course during the discount sales period? 

The discount sales period is relevant to the purchase, not to when the course date occurs.  


My organization always purchases a Corporate Passport. What are our options now? 

Organizations can now purchase as many courses as they wish for their employees, at the discounted rate, during the discount sales periods. Those employees can register themselves online or, for a small administrative fee, CPA Nova Scotia can help with the registration process for the group. 


Can I only purchase courses during a discount sales period? 

We encourage you to register for any of our available courses at any time throughout the year! Courses purchased outside of the discount sales periods will be purchased at full price 


Under the Passport program, I could buy the passport and wait until later to register for courses. Can I still do that? 

Under the CPD Advantage program, you must register for courses during the discount sales period to use the discounted rate. The purchase and register functions occur at the same time.