CPD Green Initiative

CPA Nova Scotia has gone green.

In Fall 2018, CPA Nova Scotia stopped offering printed CPD course materials and made the switch to providing electronic documents for CPD seminars.

We decided to go paperless in response to our members' requests and because we felt it was important to practice responsible environmental stewardship.

How will it work?

Your member portal on the CPA Nova Scotia website will become a critical tool for you to access. The member portal will allow you to:

  • View courses for which you have registered
  • Access the PDF files with the course content
  • Access the evaluation forms after completing the courses.

You will receive a course confirmation email five business days before the course start date which will contain a link to the course material. You can also access course material via the website under “Professional Development” and by clicking on “My CPD Courses.”

We strongly recommend that you download the course material(s), which will be a PDF file, ahead of the class date and bring your electronic device with you. You will need to download Adobe Acrobat on your device (this is free software). Instructions on how to download and use Adobe Acrobat can be found


Please refer to our FAQ for more information. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Member Services Team  Member Services Team 


Q: What is the CPD Green Initiative?

The CPD Green Initiative is a significant move towards making all CPA Nova Scotia CPD courses paperless. Feedback from our members and our desire to become a more environmentally friendly organization fueled this initiative.

Q: How do I receive and download the course materials?

You will receive a course confirmation email five days before the start date that will contain a link to your course registration.
You can also access your course material by logging in to your member portal on the CPA Nova Scotia website, clicking on the “Professional Development” tabs and proceeding to “My CPD Courses.” 

Q: When will I receive the course material?

Once the course is confirmed, approximately five business days before the course date, the course material will become available on your member portal.

Q: Will there be printed copies of materials at the course?

No.  Course materials will be entirely paperless. Participants should download the course materials in advance of the course and bring your electronic device to class. If you wish to print out the course materials, please do so before your arrival.

CPA Nova Scotia will not print materials for you.

Q: Can I share my course materials with others (e.g. my colleagues, clients, etc.)?

No. Copyright protects these materials and is licensed for use by CPA Nova Scotia. All rights are reserved. No part of any course material may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means (photocopying, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise).

Q: Won’t it be difficult to follow along without a hard copy?

The course material will be available as a PDF file. You can take notes and highlight passages – much the same as a hard copy, with the benefit of a searchable text to quickly find the information.


Note: that CPA Nova Scotia does not have the resources to provide any technical support on-site during the course.