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CPA Nova Scotia Events

TitleEvent CodeBegin DateSpots Left
Review Of Corporate Tax Planning E-LearningDL192000414/1/2019Not ApplicableDL19200041
Review Of Personal Tax Planning E-LearningDL192000514/1/2019Not ApplicableDL19200051
Corporate Tax - SRED: FundamentalsLB192001518/8/2019Not ApplicableLB19200151
Corporate Tax - SRED: AdvancedLB192001618/8/2019Not ApplicableLB19200161
Advanced Tax Planning StrategiesLB192001018/15/2019Not ApplicableLB19200101
Review of Personal Tax PlanningLB192002518/27/2019Not ApplicableLB19200251
Income Tax - Starting Up a BusinessLB192002119/13/2019Not ApplicableLB19200211
Income Tax - Portfolio InvestmentsLB192002819/24/2019Not ApplicableLB19200281
Corporate Restructuring - Section 85 Transfer of PropertyLB1920023110/29/2019Not ApplicableLB19200231