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CPA Nova Scotia offers courses in a variety of different topics, competencies and formats, to view courses by specific topics select one of the links below or use the search feature below to find topics by keywords.  Please note if any of the search listings below provides a blank result this means courses are not available for registration at this time.  Continue to monitor communications from CPA Nova Scotia for registration dates or visit our website regularly to check for updates.

   •  Accounting and Assurance
   •  Ethics
   •  Finance and Financial Reporting
   •  Information Technology
   •  Management Reporting
   •  Professional and Personal Skills
   •  Strategy and Governance
   •  Tax
   •  Wealth Management 
Course Categories
– In-class course, DL1819 – E-learning course – interactive on-line, LB1819 – Live Broadcast – on-line, LW1819 – Live Webinars – on-line, EL1819 - CFI, CP1819  – Can. Payroll

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TitleEvent CodeBegin DateSpots Left
Math For Corporate Finance - On-demandEL181900114/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190011
Financial Analysis Fundamentals - On-demandEL181900214/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190021
Excel Modeling Fundamentals - On-demandEL181900314/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190031
Building A Financial Model In Excel - On-demandEL181900414/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190041
FP & A Monthly Cash Flow Forecast - On-demandEL181900514/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190051
Business Valuation Fundamentals - On-demandEL181900614/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190061
Behavioral Finance Fundamentals - On-demandEL181900714/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190071
Sensitivity Analysis For Financial Modeling - On-demandEL181900814/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190081
Financial Modeling Using VBA - On-demandEL181900914/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190091
Startup / E-Commerce Financial Model & Valuation - On-demandEL181901014/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190101
Mining Financial Model & Valuation - On-demandEL181901114/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190111
Advanced Excel Formulas Course - On-demandEL181901214/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190121
Dashboards & Data Visualization - On-demandEL181901314/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190131
Budgeting and Forecasting - On-demandEL181901414/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190141
Real Estate Financial Modeling - On-demandEL181901514/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190151
Mergers & Acquisitions(M&A) Modeling - On-demandEL181901614/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190161
Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Modeling- On-demandEL181901714/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190171
Corporate & Business Strategy- On-demandEL181901814/1/2018Not ApplicableEL18190181
PD Passports For 2018/19PASSPORT184/1/2018157PASSPORT18
Followership: The F-Word That Complements LeadershipFU1819002110/15/2018Not ApplicableFU18190021
Emotional Intelligence: Deeper Connections in An ArtificialFU1819003110/15/2018Not ApplicableFU18190031
The FliPsides of Collaborative Decision MakingFU1819000110/15/2018Not ApplicableFU18190001
Be A Leader People WANT to FollowFU1819001111/26/2018Not ApplicableFU18190011
ASPE: Review Of The Standards E-LearningDL181900131/14/2019Not ApplicableDL18190013
Auditing: A Survey Of Standards E-LearningDL181900231/14/2019Not ApplicableDL18190023
IFRS - Review Of Standards E-LearningDL181900331/14/2019Not ApplicableDL18190033
Review Of Corporate Tax Planning E-LearningDL181900431/14/2019Not ApplicableDL18190043
Review Of Personal Tax Planning E-LearningDL181900531/14/2019Not ApplicableDL18190053
NFPO - Review Of StandardsDL181900631/14/2019Not ApplicableDL18190063
Today's CFO Tomorrow A CFO Leadership Development ExperiencePD181905612/19/201930PD18190561
Organizational Change ManagementPD181900812/21/201927PD18190081
QuickBooks Online: Changing The Paradigm Of Small Business ALW181901022/21/2019Not ApplicableLW18190102
Time And Priority ManagementPD181909112/22/201920PD18190911
Convocation Dinner And DanceCONVOC192/23/2019621CONVOC19
Grad Convocation Dinner And DanceGRADCONV192/23/2019139GRADCONV19
Enough Bull-How To Retire Well Without The Stock Market, MutLB181901712/25/2019Not ApplicableLB18190171
Essential People Management Skills - Managing Today's WorkfoPD181913412/25/201920PD18191341
Communicating with Tact and SensitivityPD181913512/26/201930PD18191351
Producing Accurate Effective MinutesPD181907912/26/201916PD18190791
GST/HST - Specific TopicsLB181903022/26/2019Not ApplicableLB18190302
Developing And Delivering Powerful Presentations For FinanciPD181903422/27/201921PD18190342
Building Capacity Effectively: Leading For EngagementPD181915312/28/201919PD18191531
Leading MillennialsPD181915423/1/20197PD18191542
Eat Your Elephant: A Personal Success WorkshopPD181900213/4/201925PD18190021
Social Media And HR IssuesPD181908213/5/201922PD18190821
Managing Absenteeism In The Work PlacePD181907513/5/201935PD18190751
Effective Letters and Short DocumentsPD181909313/6/201925PD18190931
Alternate Facts - There's More To Software SelectionPD181914913/7/201920PD18191491
Finding Flow: The Art And Science Of MotivationPD181907013/8/201920PD18190701
Ethics At Our CorePD181905243/8/20190PD18190524
Excel Boot CampPD181907413/11/201932PD18190741
Improving Productivity with Office 365LW181903113/12/2019Not ApplicableLW18190311
Excel Pivot Tables For AccountantsPD181902433/13/201921PD18190243
Mastering PowerPoint for Effective PresentationsLW181904523/13/2019Not ApplicableLW18190452
Effective Briefing Notes/ReportsPD181915013/14/201923PD18191501
Write With Poise- Grammar, Punctuation & StylePD181915213/15/201921PD18191521
Get Organized & Take Control @ WorkPD181908313/15/201930PD18190831
Defining And Managing ProjectsPD181906113/18/201932PD18190611
Stress - Taking A Problem Solving ApproachPD181908513/19/201929PD18190851
Do It Yourself Business IntelligenceLW181902223/19/2019Not ApplicableLW18190222
Dealing With Difficult PeoplePD181906013/20/201932PD18190601
Cultivating More Effective Leadership CommunicationPD181917323/21/201922PD18191732
Planning for Success: Strategic Planning FundamentalsPD181917523/22/201915PD18191752
Take Back Your TimePD181908623/22/201923PD18190862
Strategic Planning For ProfessionalsPD181907613/25/20194PD18190761
Cultivating Emotional Intelligence For Impactful LeadershipPD181914413/26/201915PD18191441
Effective Delegation For Great ResultsPD181914523/26/201913PD18191452
How To Build An Investment PortfolioLB181902123/26/2019Not ApplicableLB18190212
Mental Health at Work MattersPD181915913/27/201927PD18191591
Fostering A Growth MindsetPD181915113/28/201932PD18191511
Tech Tools & Gadgets for a More Efficient You!LW181904443/28/2019Not ApplicableLW18190444
Email Etiquette: Create The Right Tone & Get The Best ResponPD181910813/29/201915PD18191081
Take Control Of EmailPD181911823/29/201927PD18191182