A member may apply to the Registration Committee for permission to resign from registration by submitting the Membership Resignation Form.  Registered Firms should refer to the
resignation procedures in the by-laws.

You may not apply for resignation if:

  1. There are complaints pending, and the request is not supported in writing by the Investigation Panel; or
  2. There are outstanding fees or other amounts owing to CPA Nova Scotia

For those members who intend to resign and become a member of another Provincial Body, you must become a member of the other Provincial Body before resigning from Nova Scotia in order to remain a member in good standing in Canada.

Resignation process:

  1. Complete the Membership Resignation Form.
  2. Include your original CPA Nova Scotia membership certificate, along with any legacy body membership certificate, with the application.
  3. If you have lost or misplaced your original CPA Nova Scotia membership certificate, the Resignation Form must be accompanied by the Lost Certificate Declaration.
  4. If the applicant is an owner or partner in a registered firm, completion and submission of theFirm Deregistration Request Form is required in order to apply for revocation of the registered firm as a professional corporation, limited liability partnership, partnership, or sole proprietor. 
  5. You are only entitled to a refund of annual dues paid to CPA Nova Scotia if the resignation is requested an approved within three (3) months of your most recent registration, registration renewal, or reinstatement of registration.
  6. The completed resignation request will be presented to the Registration Committee for its consideration and approval.


Please forward the required documentation to:

Associate Registrar
Chartered Professional Accountants of Nova Scotia
Email: [email protected] 

1871 Hollis Street, Suite 300
Halifax, NS B3J 0C3


Important Information

Once resignation is completed, a former member can no longer refer to themselves as a Chartered Professional Accountant, CPA or any legacy designation (CA, CMA, or CGA) including any deviation or combination of those initials, words, or expressions where it is used to imply registration with CPA Nova Scotia in Nova Scotia.

A reinstatement fee and further requirements under the Continuing Professional Development Policy will apply should a former member seek reinstatement of membership.   Any reinstatement application will be subject to re-entry requirements and the review and approval of the Registration Committee.  

For further details, please contact the Associate Registrar, Danielle Roode at [email protected]
, or phone (902) 425-7273 ext. 231