Use of the CPA designation and legacy designations

Chartered Accountants, Certified General Accountants, and Certified Management Accountants are required to include CPA with their legacy designation and call themselves a Chartered Professional Accountant. This has been a requirement since July 1, 2015, as part of the unification. 

Tagging the legacy designation is mandatory for all legacy members. Legacy members cannot use the CPA designation without the legacy designation being tagged behind it, nor can they use the legacy designation on its own.

"How does this change how I tag my name?" 

Effective July 1, 2015, all ICANS, CGANS and CMANS members must include "CPA" with their legacy designation, and call themselves Chartered Professional Accountants. For ten (10) years, you will be required to use your legacy designation in addition to CPA, with the CPA part of it appearing first. For example: 

  • John Smith, CPA, CA or John Smith, FCPA, FCA
  • Jane Jones, CPA, CGA or Jane Jones, FCPA, FCGA
  • Jennifer White, CPA, CA, CMA or Jennifer White, FCPA, FCA, CMA

CPA members should include their CPA designation as well as their legacy designation on their business card, email signature and online profiles. If your firm name also contains a legacy designation, it will need to be changed as well. For more information on changing your firm's name, visit our Firm Name Policy page.