For the Public

Under the Chartered Professional Accountants Act, CPA Nova Scotia has the responsibility to regulate all matters, including competency, fitness and professional conduct, relating to the practice of accounting by its members and registered firms; CPA Nova Scotia is also required to establish and enforce professional standards.

CPA Nova Scotia protects the public by: 

  • Regulating the use of the CPA designation in Nova Scotia;
  • Establishing a regulatory framework to which its registrants must adhere, including a code of professional conduct and continuing professional development requirements;
  • Regulating registrants within public practice, including requiring registrants to carry Professional Liability Insurance and undergo Practice Inspections when offering specific services to the public, such as audit engagements, review engagements, specified auditing procedures, and compilations;
  • Administering a complaint and discipline process to address a registrant’s failure to adhere to the regulatory framework