Canada Revenue Agency Releases "Serving You Better" Report 

In the fall of 2016, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) sought feedback from small and medium businesses, accountants, and stakeholders through its “Serving You Better” consultations with small and medium businesses. The consultations included a round table session in Halifax, hosted by CPA Nova Scotia on October 18th - a number of practitioners participated and provided feedback.

With the project now complete, CRA advises that “We received tremendous feedback through these sessions, and the success of the consultations would not have been possible without your collaboration. We were encouraged by the level of engagement from all the participants—across the country, in-person, and online. We heard over 1,500 comments and suggestions to improve our programs and services for small and medium businesses.”

“During the consultations, both businesses and accountants told us that their time is precious. In response, we’ve developed a report and an infographic that tells the story of the Serving You Better consultations at a glance.”

To access both documents, click here report and infographic / rapport et l’infographie.