Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – Feedback on Verification Process – 2019

The PD Committee is appointed by the CPA Nova Scotia Board and is responsible for setting the CPD Policy and enforcing the requirements.  The PD Committee is comprised of nine members of CPA Nova Scotia.

The Professional Development (PD) Committee completed CPA Nova Scotia’s verification work on CPD reporting provided by its members for the period ending December 31, 2018.  Using a random member sampling, the CPD Reports were verified against members’ source documentation to ensure the requirements of the policy were met. 

Highlights of the verification were as follows:

  • 84% of members provided appropriate back-up documentation to complete the verification.
  • 93% of members were deemed to have completed professional development learning consistent with CPD Policy.

Some results and findings of the verification process include:

  • A “learning activity” must help you to develop and maintain professional competence to enable you to perform your professional role.  Such activities should develop new or existing competencies in areas that are relevant to your professional responsibilities and growth.
  • Time spent volunteering can only be included when it is a learning activity that is relevant to current or future professional purposes.
  • Verifiable learning must be supported by objective documentation.
  • Supporting documentation must be consistent with the description provided in the CPD online reporting tool.
  • Members must be mindful of retaining their CPD documentation when changing roles or employers.
  • The four hours of verifiable learning in ethics must be maintained in the three-year rolling cycle.
  • Review the CPD Policy or the Guide to CPD for clarification.

Please review the below illustration for a reference when filling in your 2019 CPD Report, due March 31, 2020: