CPA nova Scotia Launches Virtual Classroom 

CPA Nova Scotia has decided to suspend all in-person sessions for the remainder of 2020. Our CPD sessions will be offered online, presented in a format that works for our members - no matter where you are located. Check out our virtual learning calendar now!

Successful Transition to Virtual Learning

What Participants Are Saying:


"The Zoom experience is very much like the in-house experience. The technology allows the break-out sessions so favoured by many course leaders.  I will not hesitate to sign up for another one."  
-Deborah Coles, Virtual Classroom Participant 

For the first virtual learning session I thought it went smoth and seamless.  This was an excellent topic to learn about with a large group."
-Participant of Alive and Learning

"The virtual learning classroom worked very well, including for breakout sessions.  I enjoyed the electronic polls and other features of zoom.  It was well delivered."
-Participant of Change Management 

"Quality of sound and delivery was excellent."
-Participant of Navigating the Maze of Federal COVID-19 Measures

"Excellent - worked well and interactive to keep participants interest."
- Participant of Practical Tips to get Through a Cash Crisis

"Please, please, please have more virtual classroom offerings.  Sooooo convenient."
-Participant of Problem Solving and Decision Making