The Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia (EFMNS) is looking to grow our board!

We’re a non-profit, charitable organization that engages with vulnerable women, girls, and gender-diverse people to foster reintegration, rehabilitation, personal empowerment and to address the root causes of criminalization. Our clients are often at a high risk of returning to the cycle of poverty, homelessness and self-harm that can cause criminalization. We are devoted to improving the lives of Nova Scotians through comprehensive housing supports, innovative programming initiatives, justice system reform and through building individual strength and capacity in all of the people we serve. EFMNS provides the structure for our clients to transform their lives from a cycle of poverty and insecurity to one of stability, growth and hope.

Our volunteer Board members are not just there to vote on motions and hear reports – they are active participants in the organization’s operations and overall direction. Board meetings are held every two months on-site at the EFMNS office in Dartmouth (or when necessary, on Zoom). Board members are expected to join committees and work on projects and initiatives between meetings, in addition to participating in committee meetings every month or two.

We welcome applications from anyone who thinks they have relevant experience, skills, and passion to contribute, but we’re particularly interested in people who:

  • Have experience and skills in finances, auditing, fundraising, human resources;
  • Are from marginalized communities; and
  • Have lived experience with criminalization or incarceration.

Interested applicants can send a cover letter and resume to the Chair of the Board of Directors, Cydney Kane, at [email protected]. Only those selected for further discussion will be contacted. New Board members will be appointed at our upcoming Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, July 6th at 6:30pm. The public is welcome to attend.

We look forward to hearing from our community!