Corporate Tax: Review of Tax Planning

Corporate Tax: Review of Tax Planning
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November 2021 

Because the video recordings are taken from live seminars, the information presented is up-to-date at the time of recording. While we make an effort to keep our inventory updated and seasonally remove outdated titles, changes in accounting, tax and other acts and legislations can happen at any time. It is up to the purchaser to take note of the recording date, and to determine for themselves whether the recorded video is still relevant to their needs. 

As much as people tend to think otherwise, memory is not infallible. Fortunately, tax professionals have the opportunity to relearn foundational material in the context of new changes (and we know how often the government loves to change things). This two-day seminar in corporate tax updates technical and tax planning issues for corporations, thus providing practitioners with a refresher on these topics. Although the seminar reviews taxation for public and private corporations, the session primary focuses on the taxation of private companies. You will receive detailed course materials covering a broad range of corporate tax topics, which serve as an invaluable future reference. In addition to receiving presentation material, you will work through case studies covering a wide range of corporate tax issues, collaborate with their peers, and share issues impacting their clients.

This seminar not only provides a review of issues relating to corporate taxpayers but also expands your knowledge about recent changes. Participants working with these taxpayers require an understanding of corporate tax legislation and its proper application.  

Upon completing this seminar, you should be able to:

  • Evaluate residency of a corporation and its liability for taxes in Canada
  • Explain the calculation of corporate taxes payable
  • Explain various corporate reorganization provisions
  • Assist clients with various tax planning issues including but not limited to, remuneration planning, estate planning, and purchase and sale of business

This seminar covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • The Income Tax Act (ITA) as it relates to corporations
  • Determination of residency
  • Calculation of corporate taxes
  • Common definitions under the ITA that impact a corporate taxpayer, including related parties, affiliated parties, and associated corporations
  • Various sources of income, including active business income, investment income, specified investment business income, and personal service business income
  • Uncommon income items and deductions
  • Commonly used corporate reorganization provisions: the use of the Section 85 rollover; Section 86 capital reorganization; Section 87 amalgamation; Section 88 wind-up
  • Section 84.1 and Section 55(2) anti-avoidance provisions
  • Corporate attribution
  • Loss utilization
  • Owner/manager remuneration planning
  • Estate planning
  • Issues for buy-sell agreements as well as the purchase and sale of business
  • Acquisition of control
  • Debt forgiveness

Please note, this seminar does not cover the preparation of corporate tax returns.

This seminar will particularly benefit practitioners involved in corporate tax matters for private corporations and that desire to expand or refresh their knowledge of corporate tax.

Individuals registering for this seminar require the following knowledge:

  • Corporate Tax – Compliance & Planning in T2 Preparation
  • Working experience with the preparation of corporate tax returns
  • Moderate tax planning experience

CPD-14 Hours 

4/1/2022 - 3/31/2023 11:59 PM