Mastering Corporate Finance Analysis Bundle

Mastering Corporate Finance Analysis Bundle
Executive Finance aims to transform the traditional finance and accounting function and those who work inside this function with a fundamental belief that the finance function of any organization can do MORE. More to move beyond just keeping the books. More to deliver greater business analysis and insight. The courses are designed to help you grow in your career from the proverbial cubicle to the corner office by curating the best of the best ideas that's been researched, heard about from others, and most importantly practiced and tried.


In this bundle of courses, you will learn to master the principles under pinning corporate finance.  You will learn to analyze financial statements like a pro. You will learn the principles of corporate finance including present value, future value, leverage and risk management.  You will then go on to learn how to build financial models in Excel followed by how to structure financing strategy using different types of capital.  And finally, you will learn how to use financial analysis to make capital budgeting decisions incorporating risk management analysis.


  • Use deep ratio analysis to analyze financial information, make decisions, and predict future results
  • Master fundamental principles of corporate finance such as present value, future value, and leverage
  • Build a financial projection in Excel
  • Analyze capital structure and plan a financing strategy using different sources of debt and equity

This course is for those working or looking to work more in corporate finance.

Course Leader/s
Blair Cook, CPA, CA, CPA (ill), MBA
Jennifer Nicholson, CPA, CA

1 Passport Day - 7 PD Hours

4/1/2021 1:00 AM - 3/31/2022 11:59 PM