Presentation Skills for Accounting & Finance Professionals

Presentation Skills for Accounting & Finance Professionals
Executive Finance is hands-on, experiential-based thought leadership lab for financial professionals. Executive Finance curates the best ideas they can find, then tests these ideas with companies to develop tools, methodologies, and executive development courses. Their partners work in finance as executives, corporate directors, educators, speakers, and authors – many times simultaneously, which makes for rich content and stories. In general, Executive Finance’s on-demand courses focus on developing financial professionals to become financial executives; they also offer courses for newer financial professionals in areas such as ethics, financial analysis, and corporate finance.

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In this bundle of courses, you learn to present like a pro.  You’ll learn that presentations are intended to persuade and influence.  You’ll learn handy tips to engage your audience.  We will cover how to use PowerPoint as the visual aid it was always intended to be to help you tell your story.


  • Master the principles of persuasion, it’s more than just what you know
  • Learn how to bring your audience into your presentation and make them feel your message
  • Learn the features of PowerPoint
  • Create visual aids that make your message stand out and get remembered

This course is for any financial professional looking to up their presence in front of an audience and present with confidence, poise, and great visual aids.

Course Leader/s
Blair Cook, CPA, CA, CPA (ill), MBA
Jennifer Nicholson, CPA, CA

CPD- 3.5 hours 

4/1/2022 - 3/31/2023 11:59 PM