Strategic CFO Leadership Program Bundle

Strategic CFO Leadership Program Bundle
Executive Finance is hands-on, experiential-based thought leadership lab for financial professionals. Executive Finance curates the best ideas they can find, then tests these ideas with companies to develop tools, methodologies, and executive development courses. Their partners work in finance as executives, corporate directors, educators, speakers, and authors – many times simultaneously, which makes for rich content and stories. In general, Executive Finance’s on-demand courses focus on developing financial professionals to become financial executives; they also offer courses for newer financial professionals in areas such as ethics, financial analysis, and corporate finance.

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In this bundle of courses, you will learn to move beyond the accounting and processing side of the finance function and become forward looking and strategic.  The bundle includes your first 100 day as CFO and assessing the situation.  It includes making a strategic contribution by teaching you strategic planning techniques.  You’ll learn about capital allocation and its importance in achieving long term return and sustainability.  You look at financing strategy and explore the different sources of raising capital.  And finally, you’ll do a deep dive into change management and getting major initiatives done using people.


  • Assess yourself and your organization using a maturity model framework
  • Learn the principles of strategic management such that you not are a participant in the strategy discussion, but you are a voice and facilitator of strategy conversation
  • Step back and assess the allocation of capital across the organization and learn not-so-obvious technique on how to improve long term returns
  • Explore sources of capital, their costs, the providers, and tips for negotiating your next financing agreement
  • Raise your awareness of the importance and challenges of managing change

The course is for financial executives or aspiring financial executives who want to excel in their role in the corner office.

Course Leader/s
Blair Cook, CPA, CA, CPA (ill), MBA
Jennifer Nicholson, CPA, CA

CPD- 7 hours 

4/1/2022 - 3/31/2023 11:59 PM