Machine Learning for Finance- Python Fundamentals- On-demand

Machine Learning for Finance- Python Fundamentals- On-demand
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This Python Fundamentals course will demonstrate the foundations of Python programming and how it is used in the finance industry. This course will utilize your Excel knowledge to learn Python in an intuitive and easy way!

Python is crucial for analyzing big data, and it’s the foundational software used by data scientists for machine learning. Knowing Excel means you already understand the fundamental concepts of programming and computer science.

The course starts by teaching you the basics of Python Programming, which we will use to transition to more advanced topics.

Key concepts the course is going to cover are:

  • How to set-up Anaconda and Jupyter Notebooks for Python
  • Python Native Data Types (Strings, Booleans, Integers, Lists, Tuples, and Sets)
  • Input/output formatting
  • How to build custom functions
  • For loops and conditional logic
  • Using the Numpy and Pandas Package

By completing this strategy course, you'll be able to:

  • Write and execute basic Python code to perform advanced calculation, generate outputs, create variables, abstract from data, etc.
  • Create and manipulate important data structures such as lists, tuples, sets, and dictionaries
  • Use for loops and conditional logic to create your own custom functions
  • Import external packages including NumPy and Pandas
  • Generate random integers and samples
  • Filter, segment, and summarize data

1 Passport Day  - 3 PD Hours

4/1/2021 - 3/31/2022