Assessing Drivers of Business Growth - On-demand

Assessing Drivers of Business Growth - On-demand
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Understanding the key drivers of a business' growth is vital to determining the company's debt capacity and its ability to fulfill debt with its cash flows. This helps credit analysts make sound credit decisions. In this Assessing Drivers of Business Growth course, we will look at the overall framework for assessing business growth including analyzing the external economy, the industry, and the company itself.

We will explore the commonly used tools by credit analysts to perform analyses on various aspects of a company and summarize the external and internal factors impacting the business' growth. By the end of this course, you should feel comfortable determining whether a company is in good operational or financial condition.

    Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Understand the framework for assessing corporate business growth
    • Analyze the external economy that a company operates in using PESTEL analysis
    • Analyze a company's industry by looking at Porter's five forces and the industry lifecycle
    • Assess a company's lifecycle, risks, and competitive advantage
    • Perform SWOT analysis to evaluate a company's internal and external environment

      ½ Passport Day - 2 PD Hours

      4/1/2021 - 3/31/2022