Account Monitoring and Warning Signs - On-demand

Account Monitoring and Warning Signs - On-demand
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Looking to explore a career as a credit analyst? The Account Monitoring and Warning Signs course will teach you the symptoms and causes of corporate decline, how to predict the default risk for a company, different methods to handling problematic accounts (clients who are struggling to repay loans), and more. This course starts with the warning signs for a company that is experiencing financial difficulties, as well as the typical symptoms and causes of corporate decline. It then dives into Altman’s Z-score and how it can be used to assess the credit risk of a company.

Afterwards, the default risk of a firm is predicted through different methods including options theory and the Expected Default Frequency (EDF) model. After assessing the likelihood of default, the course explores different strategies and tactics used to deal with deteriorating accounts, including the steps for developing an action plan and turning around a declining business.

    Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 

    • Identify and understand symptoms and causes of corporate decline
    • Evaluate the drivers behind predicting default and credit risk
    • Examine the various methods for handling problematic accounts
    • Implement key turnaround strategies depending on the growth stage of the company

      ½ Passport Day - 2 PD Hours

      4/1/2021 - 3/31/2022