Neuroscience at Work: Work smarter, not harder

Neuroscience at Work: Work smarter, not harder
FliP University offers fun, useful evidence-based learning that fuels collaboration, enhances creativity, and develops today’s essential workplace capabilities. It is based on research from cognitive neuroscience, creativity, social, organizational, and positive psychology, learning theory, and clinical practice. These on-demand courses are built to facilitate peer-to-peer virtual interactions through social online learning. Each course includes a myriad of engaging videos and a large variety of interactive activities, including quizzes, mini-cases, games, experiential projects, a journal, and discussion questions.

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People are endlessly fascinated with what brain science can do for them. And rightly so. Our brains are a 3-pound powerhouse with outsized impact and upsized potential. Our remarkable brains are responsible for controlling our actions, reactions, behaviours, thoughts, and feelings – essentially all the things that we think of as human. However, as the field of neuroscience has exploded, it has become more difficult to interpret the information and make it useful in our daily work environments.

This course is taught by a neuroscientist with an MBA and, therefore, it is uniquely pracademic: deeply rooted in science and made practical with memorable, principle-based approaches, and lots of real-world tips that you can use straight away. Learn how to optimize your brain and the brains around you.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Implement practical advice and tips that will improve your performance, creativity and happiness
  • Use neuroscience to help you support clients and colleagues
  • Make change happen by honouring how the brain works
  • Improve decision making in yourself and others
  • Generate better creative thinking and problem solving
  • Optimize your brain functioning
  • Organize meetings and people for maximum effectiveness
  • Work smarter, not harder!
CPD- 4 Hours
4/1/2022 - 3/31/2023 11:59 PM