Pricing Basics for CPAs

Pricing Basics for CPAs
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If you find yourself working long hours and bumping up against an invisible income ceiling, you may be experiencing symptoms related to hourly billing. Endemic to the profession, hourly billing is an age-old practice but an invisible trap that appears to be completely normal.

With each passing tax season, the symptoms of hourly billing cause CPAs suffer increasingly. How do we flat-rate without getting killed on scope creep? There are so many ways to price things – how do I pick? Value-pricing is great in theory, but how do I actually get it to work in my CPA firm? How do I price intangibles?

Major Subjects Covered

· Hourly billing

· Pricing tools

· Applied pricing for CPAs

Upon completing this session you should be able to:

· Understand why hourly billing is broken

· Recognize the symptoms of hourly billing

· Know what prevents change

· Determine value

· Identify pricing tools

· Use pricing curves and menus

Program Level: Intermediate 
Advance Preparation: None 


Accounting, financial, and business professionals seeking to understand effective pricing

CPD: 1 Hour

4/1/2022 - 3/31/2023 11:59 PM