Stepping Up - Leading the Team

Stepping Up - Leading the Team


Stepping up to a team leadership role in an organization often means doing less of what you’re good at and best known for, and more of what’s needed now. Which usually means enabling the growth and success of those you lead, for starters. It may also mean being a more strategic leader, expected to contribute to the organization in different ways. And, it often means a far more fundamental shift in leadership identity, as you move from ‘subject matter expert’ to ‘organizational leader.’ Navigating the transition can be challenging; what might it mean for you?

In this engaging and interactive workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to explore the questions of leadership purpose, identity and team leadership, and consider what it means for you –whether you are an emerging leader or a well-established professional taking on new and different people leadership responsibilities. The approach will be thought-provoking, interactive and applied, with time for personal reflection as well as shared learning. You will have an opportunity to explore core concepts essential for team leadership success and deepen your awareness of what it means for your continued growth and development.

This program is designed for professionals and leaders preparing for, or moving into, team leadership roles. It will also be of interest if you are currently in a team leadership role and want to deepen your effectiveness in enabling the development and success of those you lead. For example, managers, team leaders and directors.

This course offers you an opportunity to better appreciate what’s involved in leading and inspiring others, in addition to introducing you to concrete and practical ways of doing it well. Leadership purpose, identity and practice will be woven throughout the day, giving you an opportunity to explore and relate who you are and how you lead. You will spend time reviewing the shift from subject matter expert to team leader. The core competencies of leadership effectiveness will be covered, as well as practical and proven ways of leading others for performance, growth and success. Leadership communications and effective interpersonal communications will be prominently featured in course content.

As a participant you can expect to:

  • Deepen your personal leadership awareness and learning;
  • Appreciate the essentials of effective and successful team leadership, and the core competencies on which to build;
  • Learn and practice concrete ways of building core leadership skills and deepening your effectiveness in leading others well;
  • Create a personal action plan to guide the next steps in your leadership development and success.

The program will be highly interactive and applied, with opportunities for discussion of critical topics, personal reflection and inquiry, individual practice, small group exercises and skill-building. Practical tips, recommended reading and relevant learning resources will be included in the program.

Course Leader/s
Michelle Lane, CPCC

Time:  8:30 am - 4:30 pm 
1 Passport Day - 7 Hours
10/22/2019 - 10/22/2019
CPA NS Learning Centre 300 - 1871 Hollis Street Halifax, NS