Draining the Poison of Procrastination

Draining the Poison of Procrastination


Procrastination costs too much in many ways - last minute panic is only one. It wastes our precious time and creates too much stress. It causes us anything from mild discomfort to lost opportunities and grinding worry. It undermines our performance and disturbs our well-being. It often leaves us feeling guilty and frustrated.

This course will allow you to choose the activities you want to get done on time, using a step by step approach which changes your approach to one of achievement and satisfaction.

Everyone procrastinates, according to Timothy Pychyl, Ph.D¹ , who has been researching procrastination since 1995, but some of us definitely do it more than others. 

Become a person who knows exactly how to tackle your own procrastination tendencies.


  • Understand why, when, and how you procrastinate
  • Change a habit which is costing you too much
  • Shift from requiring to aspiring thoughts and actions
  • Figure out when, where, and how you work best
  • Understand why perfectionism and procrastination tend to go hand in hand
  • Nudge yourself to better choices
  • Practice PURRR – Pause, Utilize, Reflect, Reason, Respond
  • Implement a Progressive Improvement Plan which steadily reduces your procrastination

Those who want to be more productive in less time, to work towards better health, sounder finances, improved relationships, and more enjoyment in life.

Course Leader/s
Eileen Pease, MEd, CHRP, CSP

Time:  8:30 am - 12:00 pm 
½ Passport Day - 3.5 Hours
10/28/2019 - 10/28/2019
CPA NS Learning Centre 300 - 1871 Hollis Street Halifax, NS