Business Ethics: It Starts with You

Business Ethics: It Starts with You
PD22230771- VIRTUAL

This course offers an introduction to understanding and managing ethical issues in a business setting. Through case work and open dialogue, it explores the intersection amongst prominent theoretical approaches to ethics, personal values, business values and how they shape business decisions. We consider the rightness and wrongness of human conduct in a business setting based on these approaches. The course will offer a brief historical review and investigate various ethical theories. The goal is to build a foundation for participants to investigate the ethical dimensions of controversial business issues.


    • Foster an ethical mindset - explore and assess the contextual issues in business ethics and the ability to think critically and ethically within them.
    • Identify your “ethical standard” and how to communicate this standard in support of business decisions - how you manage a series of ethical dilemmas including how you structure ethical issues, use data and develop conclusions.
    • Develop communication strategies in support of ethical actions - examine formal and informal communication tools to effectively communicate ethical ideas.
    • Examine your understanding of key concepts and terms in business ethics - develop an awareness of the impact on ethics and business decision making at all levels of an organization.
    • Reflect on ethical issues in a business context - collectively explore a problem in impact of business ethics in a global context in order to develop a perspective that matches their perceptions and evidence.

Individuals and leaders wishing to understand, reflect, and manage ethical issues in a business setting.

Course Leader/s
Shawn Ireland, PhD. 

CPD- 4 Hours

11/2/2022 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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