Personal & Corporate Reputation in the Era of Shares & Likes

Personal & Corporate Reputation in the Era of Shares & Likes
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All it takes is one look at our morning news feed to see how personal and corporate reputations can be lost in an instant. While it’s easy to judge people and organizations who experience this fate, the reality is that in this new era of iPhones and social media, well-meaning people (who see themselves as ethical) can fall quickly in ways that leave personal and professional scars for years to come. In this edge-cutting course, participants will learn how key concepts from behavioral ethics can help us strengthen and protect both our personal reputations and those of our organizations. 



Understand the new era of (business) ethics and appreciate how having a more nuanced understanding of ethics can help us behave more ethically and strengthen our reputation in work and in life. Understand what behavioral ethics means for the practical implication of business ethics and reputation management, including an understanding of bounded ethicality, ethical fading and motivated blindness.  
Learn ?The Self-Interest Snap - a strategy to help you get closer to being as ethical as you think you are (and make it more likely that others will see you that way).


  • Business ethics

  • Behavioral ethics

  • Reputation management

  • Social media 

  • Cancel culture


Course Leader/s
Morgan Hamel

CPD- 4 Hours

1/10/2023 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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