Ethics: More than Just the Code of Conduct

Ethics: More than Just the Code of Conduct
PD22231271- VIRTUAL

This course  is a thought-provoking discussion of ethical issues, from the CPA Code of Professional Conduct and elsewhere, in accounting, tax and business.  The course is a plea for ethical behavior above and beyond the rules and contracts.  It reminds you to pause and think beyond your initial reaction….there may be more to the situation.  The presenter shares personal experiences with ethically challenging situations and their resolution.

This session was created and is presented by a veteran CFO who has created courses that over 17,000 accountants have signed up for and are known for practicality, examples, and humor.


  • The rules/contract allow this - but is it right?

  • False and misleading information issues

  • Approaches to diffusing difficult situations

  • Colleagues’ actions and association 

  • The wearing down of ethical standards – this must be guarded against

  • Ethics problems between departments in the same organization

  • Major Canadian CPA ethical lapses that are not well known

  • The unreported revenue dilemma

  • Will the auditors back you?

  • Ethics and PD hours

  • Sanctions – should private companies punish players from certain countries?

  • When all is said and done, all you have is your integrity

  • All kinds of specific examples and stories


Course Leader/s
Stephen Priddle, CPA, CA, CMA

CPD- 2.5 Hours

2/15/2023 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM